7 Common Lies That Men Tell Women That We Choose to Believe ...


Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship, but there are many common lies that men tell women that we often don’t question when perhaps we should. Maybe it’s because it’s always something we want to believe, or we don’t want to risk insulting a man by suggesting that something can’t be true. But it’s important to know that your man is being honest, so here are some common lies that men tell women that you should look out for.

1. Your Friends Are Great!

“Honey, of course I like your friends,” he says, smiling just a little too much in a real effort to be convincing. This is one of the most common lies that men tell women because people very frequently do not like their partner’s friends, but don’t want to upset the peace by saying so.

I’ll do It Soon


Denise Cristobal
@Kaali But sometimes the truth hurts. You need to be prepared for that.
Some men are like this but many aren't. My fiancé is so sweet and means every lovely thing he says to me. These 'lies' aren't common at all - only pathetic guys will lie to a woman.
No boo, the most common lie is "I love you."
All men should be that way, hes the one being seen with you. He should honestly, (but genuinely) tell you his opinion &still make you feel good about yourself
Natalie Lucero
My boyfriend knows that I want to look my best, so he tells me if anything looks bad. Why would you give your guy a scolding if you actually want an honest opinion?
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