6. Pteronphilia, Aka an Arousal to Being Tickled by Feathers

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Other people love specifically being tickled by feathers. It's light, teasing, a little maddening, and that's part of the arousal and the attraction. I've never even thought of trying this, but I can see how it might feel really cool over your erogenous zones.

Titillagnia, Aka a Compulsion to Tickle Other People


Annie Phillips
Why didn't you add blood fetish?!?!??!?!? What the hell I think that's pretty hot!!!
Hey Anon! Sometimes you need something to spice things up -- heck, even watching porn with your partner can be fun. :) Welcome to AWS!
Ha! That's too funny -- I have an obsession with pale skin and dark hair and eyes, is that a fetish? :)
I don't know if it's a fetish, but I'm really attracted to dark hair and eyes. I'm not usually one to base my judgments on looks, but I honestly can't imagine myself marrying someone with blonde hair and blue eyes. Haha!
totally agree!
So true!! I did forget that one. :) Do you happen to have that fetish? ;)
Ah yes, Nothing wrong with a foot fetish! :) Thanks for reading.
You forgot foot fetish.
I know! They have the weirdest names don't they? Thanks for stopping by!
Okay, I've got two. Pygophilia. Sounds like I like pigs. No I don't. And Anililagnia. Sounds like I like anal. Yes, I do, but that's not even what this fetish is about. That was the pig one. I think they need new names for this stuff.
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