2. His Wallet Weight

If you're on a date with a man, he'll probably offer to pay, and will act like it's not a big deal. Even if he's low on cash, he'll pretend that he's financially secure. He's not trying to lie to you, but he doesn't want to come across poorly in front of someone he's interested in.

His Strikingly Good Taste


Mine lied about 4 out of 5 of those
yup..,all guys lie and find it totally fine.Really donno how..
princess jadets
@Madelyn, then what did you do to him.....hope you didn't kill him.....lol...hope you don't mind me asking...
princess jadets
thats a good news ladyynana because not all men can do that.....
My man lie to impress me of his smoking habit. I really never like smoking guy.. But after several month dating me, he is actually quit smoking. Now, its already 4 years he stop it.. I just let it slide because I love him
good one! haha
princess jadets
i trust my man to lie to protect me and i trust him to know the diffent...
One boyfriend I had told me he wrote songs and even wrote a few for me. I sent them to my friend and she immediately googled the lyrics and it turns out that he never wrote them
All men do lie...!!! All of them are liar... they can do anything... if they want something according to themm.. I hate them!
Beryl Stokes
Heard them all at some time or other. Only time will tell if true or not but in meantime- just believe him. You never know!
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