7 Confusing Things That Guys do That Never Fail to Leave Us Perplexed ...


No matter how beautiful or flirtatious you are, there will always be confusing things that guys do that will make you wonder how they feel.

One day it’ll seem like he’s into you, and the next it’ll feel like he doesn’t care at all.

Realizing that your crush isn‘t the only boy who causes confusion doesn’t make his actions okay, but at least you’ll know that you’re not alone.

Everyone can agree that there are confusing things that guys do that girls just don't understand.

1. M.I.a

He flirts with you non-stop for a week, but then he disappears from your life.

You keep checking your phone, but you receive no texts.

When you see him in person, he ignores you.

But a few days later, he’s back to falling all over you.

One of the most confusing things that guys do is acting interested one day and giving you the cold shoulder the next.

Flirting around


this guy told me he likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend but then he doesn't talk to me anymore. :(
@Jamie All you have to do is ask. Sometimes you have to be straight forward
All of them! What do I do I really like him, it is as simple as he just isn't that into me?
@Sisi96 I agree!!
Ugh number 1 and 3 😩😩
Dealing with 1 and 2 right now
The most helpful thing would be to post an article about how to deal with these situation... Please and thank you!
the first one is the worst. left in the unknown completely
Neha J
I am confused by my boyfriend..recently he had a fight with his parents and for the whole day in college he kinda gave me the cold shoulder and when I like held him and asked what happened(this was before I knew the fight) he gave me a glare that he had never given anyone before...I felt really bad that he did that he said he was sorry later on but then what I dint like was when he dint tell me abt his problem, I tell him if I have any problems but he just dosen't open up to me and if I try talking about this he will steer the conversation in such a way that I'll forget what I was supposed to ask him...and about that fight at his home, it was told to me by his friend...is there any way I can get him to open upto me?
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