Fun Emotional Exercises ❤️🏋🏼 for Couples Who Seriously Lack Intimacy 💏 ...


It doesn't matter if you feel secure in your relationship or if it's on the rocks.

Either way, it can be fun and healthy to try to build intimacy by completing a certain set of exercises.2

They all seem easy to do, but they'll end up being more challenging than you think, especially if you two aren't on the same page.

Here are a few couple exercises meant to build intimacy and trust:

1. Blindfolded Walk

For this exercise, you're going to blindfold your partner and then guide them around the house by using your voice.

All you're allowed to say to them is "left," "right," "forward," "backward," and "stop." Before you complete this exercise, you should place different objects around your house or yard in order to make it more difficult for your partner to maneuver around everything.

Of course, if they trust you and listen to you, then they shouldn't have a problem making it from one side of the obstacle course to the other.

Stare into Each Other's Eyes


Good mythical morning lmao
Adea R. Ademi
My ex would do them with me back then. If he respects and loves you-he will be willing to do them with you. Even if just for the fun of it. You might end up laughing at yourselves for what you're doing or you might end up liking it.
Lucy Campbell
Bitter sweet
Read this a little to late.
The Queen of Bitches
@life is full of happiness. Hey I like ur username.
You have to be kidding me. What man should do these things with you? I mean except for the foreplay.
Life Is Full Of Happiness
These sound like some great ideas I'll give them a try
Michelle Louise
Being listened to, works for me !
The Queen of Bitches
No offence.
The Queen of Bitches
@cat bishop they r fucking annoying right?
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