Couple's Night in? 7 Best Video Games to Play with Your Partner ...


You need something to do in between make-out sessions, and video games are a great solution. They can keep you occupied for hours on end while helping you learn more about your mate. Don't you want to see how well they handle losing or how well they can work with you as a team? If so, here are some of the best video games to play with your partner:

1. Just Dance

Want to have fun while getting exercise? Just Dance is a great game to play on the Wii and Dance Central is great to play on Xbox Kinect. Both games show you a set of dance moves and ask you to recreate them in your living room. Even if your man isn't a dancer, he'll love having the opportunity to see you shake your booty.

Mario Kart


Love Savasana
Left for Dead, Halo, Mario Kart definitely, Little Big Planet was a good choice!, Rayman, Mortal Combat, ummm.. That's all that comes to mind right this second 😝
Love Savasana
Lol. I'm not too impressed by this video game selection!
Not a fan of video games but if it involves movement then I'm all in. Lol Wii tennis!
*my boyfriend and I love Mario kart!
Mario kart
My boyfriend and I play Mario Kart all the time when we have nothing to do! 😊
Little Big Planet is great. Can work as a team :)
Isabella Coles
Mario kart is so much fun :D
Good article! Played about 3 of these.
We beat the donkey Kong tropical freeze and returns for Wii. We call of duty all the time.
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