25 Creative Ways to Ask Your Crush out ...


If you’ve been falling over a guy for ages, there are tons of creative ways to ask your crush out. Whether you’re artsy, sporty, or somewhere in between, I’ve rounded up a few ideas for you (because I don’t believe in waiting around for him to make the first move). With these 25 adorable ways to ask him out, you’ll bag your crush in no time. Get ready to take a trip to Couplesville with the guy of your dreams!

1. Write a Note

With texting a prominent method of communication nowadays, you might want a more thoughtful and personal way to ask your crush out. I’d write him a cutesy note and slip it into his pocket, backpack, or notebook. It’ll be quite the special discovery – even better than finding a forgotten $20 bill.

Sing It, Girl!


Put yourself in his girlfriend's shoes. You are abroad with total trust of your boyfriend and some girl is trying to steal him away. How does that make you feel? Back in your shoes. He dumps her while...
@Brianna, Take a pen and grab his arm. Write your number on his arm (or hand). Put the little cutesy hearts and stuff on it so he knows why you are writing your number on him.
Heather Jensen
Aww! So true! That's such a great idea for a proposal!
I LOVED the map idea! I think it would be really cute for a guy to do something like that to propose! At the first place it would say "will", at the second place it would say "you", and at the third ...
Heather Jensen
Hey Brianna! I'd slip it to him when you two are hanging out. I think it's better to give your number, that way it leaves the ball in his court. :)
Hi! How can I get my number to this guy who I like? We talk and flirt and laugh but I don't know if he likes me. So what are some creative ways to get his number or give him mine?
this guy i adore asked me yesterday if i had a boyfriend i told him no and he said i should get one and i said i had my eye on someone (him) he asked who but i said im not telling and i gave him littl...
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