2. Sing It, Girl!

If youโ€™re a decent singer, host a karaoke party with your besties and your crush (bribe him with pizza.

It works, I promise.).

When itโ€™s your turn to belt out a tune, choose a love song and sing it to him.

If that doesnโ€™t clue him in, nothing will.

If you receive the desired response (i.e.

heโ€™s smiling), ask him out right before he leaves for the night.

Just remember: music changes lives.

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how do i ask him to be my boyfriend
I am 12 and shy and crushing on they coolest guy in school
Haha.Pizza,they all love it
So this is my situation. I am a 20yr old girl, extremely shy who has only dated two people and they were both girls. Now I don't only like girls, in fact I am very attracted to men but it just so happens that I have only dated girls. Both of these relationships lasted very long, I was told when I love I love hard and when I like I like hard. Anyways, so my last relationship actually ended on a good note, we were both going different directions in life and so we decided to call it quits (I still keep in contact with her). Now there is boy that I work with that I have had a crush on since I started working there a year ago. Now I met my last girlfriend, lets call her Jen, at the same place, so they both know each other, anyways. At Jen's going away party all my workers came together and we all got closer. Since that party everyone I work with talks to each other more out side of work, we have all bonded closer, this included me talking to this guy. So about a month later I see I have really fallen for this guy, but I have ran into some problems. One I am extremely shy! Two he is extremely good looking and I feel I am out of his league, compared to his other girlfriends who are white pretty girls with blue eye, I am tan with brown eyes (German and Navaho). Now I am not ugly but compared to his past I don't fit into his type. Well recently my coworkers have all been parting going to clubs together and what not. Lately people have been ditching so is has just been use two the club, and we even went to the movies together, but it was just like 2 friends going out. But here's the thing, I feel he is flirting with me but I'm not sure. He has a strong past with just hooking up with girls, but when he does date a girl he holds relationships very well. So I am not sure if he just wants a hook up or to date. Lately he would do these corny things that he never has before, like draw only arm, pull my apron string, play songs I like on the store radio, ask me personal questions like what my type is, tickle me ect. At one point I thought he was not 'going' for me because he thought I only liked girls and I was still taken by Jen, but I cleared that up, so now im stuck if he is crushing/flirting or just being silly. When I text him he replies and sometimes he doesn't but I just say it's 'cause he is a dude lol. So my situation is I want to be bold and just ask him on a date ( unless a girl asking a guy out on a date is TOO bold), a real one not just us hanging out going to the movies, but a date-date to see if we really connect or if it's just me who has fallen to hard. But I'm not sure how to go about this without ruining our friendship. Like if he doesnt even like me like that to even go on a date, or the date doesnt work out then I still want to be friends, he is a great guy. So do you think he has a thing for me? And how should I go about asking him out on a date, just a date. Not TO date. Remember I am extremely shy. And I feel I am already smothering him >.< Another side note is, remember I am 20, he is 22, loves to drink, I never drank in my life, but he knows that, we go to the same university and work together. So I want to keep it as less awkward as possible. I know this can be done because come of my other coworkers have went on dates and ended it without any awkwardness.
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