2. Sing It, Girl!

If you’re a decent singer, host a karaoke party with your besties and your crush (bribe him with pizza. It works, I promise.). When it’s your turn to belt out a tune, choose a love song and sing it to him. If that doesn’t clue him in, nothing will. If you receive the desired response (i.e. he’s smiling), ask him out right before he leaves for the night. Just remember: music changes lives.

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I LOVED the map idea! I think it would be really cute for a guy to do something like that to propose! At the first place it would say "will", at the second place it would say "you", and at the third ...
Heather Jensen
Hey Brianna! I'd slip it to him when you two are hanging out. I think it's better to give your number, that way it leaves the ball in his court. :)
Hi! How can I get my number to this guy who I like? We talk and flirt and laugh but I don't know if he likes me. So what are some creative ways to get his number or give him mine?
this guy i adore asked me yesterday if i had a boyfriend i told him no and he said i should get one and i said i had my eye on someone (him) he asked who but i said im not telling and i gave him littl...
Agreed! I love these tips. :)
Thanks Jennifer! We hope you'll try them out :)
Jennifer Rudakov
All of them were soooo cutee! <3
Good point! While we do have a lot of young readers, we do want to appeal to everyone. :) Thanks for the feedback!
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