3. Schedule a Tutoring Session

A tried and true way to ask your crush out is to schedule a tutoring session. When he arrives at your home, lead him to a table with fresh flowers and takeout. Write β€œwill you go out with me?” in your notebook when he’s not looking. Then, tell him you need help with your question. With any luck, you’ll get your desired answer – and maybe even a smooch right then and there!

Paint a Picture


Cidney Langlois
I really think this will help me 😍
@Luminesca awww I feel you girl!! Seriously, out of personal experience, beating around the bush is only going to be a huge waste of time and when nothing happens, you might even live to regret it!! ...
Chyna Brown
Only if I wasn't such a wimp... He should just ask you first
Sorry bt no matter how much I like a guy it's called letting the man b the man & he has to ask me out not me .. I'm not boosting his ego up :)
Love 15
Heather Jensen
Hi! Personally, I don't think that you are friend-zoned at all! I think that you are just friended. Truthfully, I think that you should just sing it out to him -- especially if music is something that you both share!
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
And another thing be more respectful to his feelings dont put him in that position if you care about his feeling just back off let him be someone else will come along and blow your mine ok
Wow, well okay, here goes nothing: Okay, so I'm eighteen. And yes, there is someone I like a lot. The thing is, we've been chatting for quite a while (like five months... since the first month of scho...
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