3. Schedule a Tutoring Session

A tried and true way to ask your crush out is to schedule a tutoring session.

When he arrives at your home, lead him to a table with fresh flowers and takeout.

Write โ€œwill you go out with me?โ€ in your notebook when heโ€™s not looking.

Then, tell him you need help with your question.

With any luck, youโ€™ll get your desired answer โ€“ and maybe even a smooch right then and there!

Paint a Picture


@Rob, What would you say about the package deal one where a girl gives a guy a package with all the hints to who she is? Too many mind games?
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Rob! Thanks for the male perspective, that's always helpful, especially on topics like this! And good point, anything too over-the-top might lead him to say yes simply so no one feels embarrassed.
I think singing it or cheering it out is an overkill. Your cornering him into saying yes. I've find it harder to say no when a girl does something simple but creative. The simpler the better.
Heather Jensen
Hi Green! How old are you? Remember, guys do mature a bit slower than us and while he might think that all girls are gross now, he'll grow out of it. For now, I'd hone in on the friend card! Maybe see if you can get him to hang out with you as just friends. :)
I have a crush but he's still immature in the topic of girls... And thinks girls are gross... :( I guess I'll have to wait... The worst part is we barely talk at all and we only talked through Facebook comments a couple of times and I'm too shy to do anything... :( hopeless... :'(
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