4. Paint a Picture

If you’re an artsy kind of gal, use your next art class to paint him a picture he’ll never forget.

Asking him out through a work of art is priceless.

Are you ready to be the girl who’s always on his mind?

Yeah, I thought so.

Stick a Message on the Fridge


@Luminesca awww I feel you girl!! Seriously, out of personal experience, beating around the bush is only going to be a huge waste of time and when nothing happens, you might even live to regret it!! (not exagerrating, I literally have missed out on several awesome opportunities before just because I was shy and didn't like showing my feelings so I can totally relate to you here!) The point is, you two have been pretty straight-forwards with one another. Discussing past relationships, check. Check. Meeting up, check. (at a mall?! You know that shopping is suicide for guys right? He is sooo crushing on you!!) Discussing about the future. BIG HUGE CHECK. He's being pretty straight-talking to you and that is SO LUCKY, you just have bo idea. So, you know that because he's moving away at the end of the year so it's pretty much now or never. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Some people would say "it's not worth the hassle." I SAY GO FOR IT. Be super straightforwards though! "So, I've been thinking lately. I've enjoyed spending time together with you and I think it's really special and I want to do it more often." (intense look so it's clear you're not friendzoning him) "I know you'll be moving away at the end of school and that's fine. But how about going bowling this Friday? Or would you rather go see that movie we've been raving about all week. It'll be ace!" Then you can kiss or cuddle or share popcorns, or make fun of him for ages because you won the bowling game. Conclusion: carpe diem, the world is your oyster, live your life like you were to die tomorrow, make everyday special, etc. Hope this helps girlie, keep me updated!
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