Cringe Worthy 😬 Pickup Lines 😘 That Need to Be Trashed πŸ—‘ ASAP ...


Some pickup lines only have one place. The bin! You might have to give credit to the guy for at least trying. Actually strike that. If he thinks you’re worth using a pick up line on, he should make an effort and not just crack out some cheese. These are the pickup lines we hope to never hear.

1. Did It Hurt when You Fell All the Way from Heaven?

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Are You Tired? You Should Be, Because You’ve Been Running through My Thoughts All Day!


Hahahah lol I'm using all this to creep some friends out
Hahaha the gifs made these even funnier
tracy ellen
you're under arrest for breaking and entering my pants
You forgot: "Is that a space suit you're wearing? Cause your ass is outta this world! πŸ˜„
Victoria Marie
Wow ridiculous lol!!
These are actually really funny! Hahahaha I am gunna start using some!
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