17 Cute Names 😍 to save Your BF πŸ’ as in Your Phone πŸ“± ...


You don't want to list your boyfriend by his real name on your phone.

How boring is that?

You should change it to something cute and exciting.2

If you don't have a special nickname for him that you can use, here are a few fun names to list your boyfriend as on your phone:

1. Rated R


If your conversations are always naughty, then this is how you should list your boyfriend on your phone.

That way, no one will look at your text messages.

They'll know that it's not meant for their eyes.

Prince [NAME]


Ashley Princess Mocha
My Density πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love it ❀❀
Eshgh in Farsi/Persian meaning Love ❀️
shy shy
When I get a bf I will def be using one of these names
FiancΓ©...we r getting married in November
for now i have it listed as my fiancΓ©e, once we're married it will be my hubby, obviously :D
Miraya Alexis
Babe, cause I never call him by his real name unless I'm furious lol !
This article is sooo cute. I would definitely use #'s 3, 4, 8, and 14. Unless i can get creative and have my own personal nickname for him. 😊
Loving h :)
Hubbi/hubby and boo😊
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