6. Sigh

A manโ€™s sigh may be the best sound you hear all day. It doesnโ€™t have to be a sigh of pleasure, of course. Even if heโ€™s so bored that heโ€™s getting frustrated, his sigh can sound lovely. Remember that looks arenโ€™t the only things that can be adorable. Sounds can be just as enticing.

Use Their Hands


Kyla Giesbrecht
Ahh so true! My heart is just racing thinking about it!
My friends always make silly faces especially the guy ones and I do like one of them but I moved then he moved and I'm really sad because he liked me back and I've known him for 6-7 years and he likes...
Omg yes
@Sonia Andujar
d guy I used to hv a crush on does funny faces wenva hes confusd or tries to grab pplz attention hed tlk n thn durin cnvo hed mke sum funny faces its not cute but mkes me laugh
Inรจs Kasongo
This so so not cute
I love the noises he makes when he sleeps 😊 so cute 😍
That's so true ! I love to watch him thinking intensly it's so hot
Its so sexy when they ruffle their hair ๐Ÿ˜›
Sonia Andujar
I love when he looks in my eyes with those beautiful green eyes.
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