2. They Have Rituals

If you take the time to talk to happy couples then you’ll discover that they have rituals in their relationship.

They differ from couple to couple, but the point is, they’ve taken the time and effort to establish rituals that keep them feeling close and connected.

For one couple, it may be that they share a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.

For another, it may be a goodnight text.

It can be any number of things as long as it’s something you both enjoy.

They Have Fun Together


My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 months and we totally do everything on the list, I only hope it gets better !
We do a lot of snuggling/cuddling. And he spoons me whilst we are asleep and never moves away from me.
Sharing a smile, a whisper of I love you whenever we have a chance. Taking a walk together, grabbing an ice cream. The little things that let the other know how precious she is.
Za Sait
Say "I love you" at least once a day. It's been 19 years of togetherness and still feels like we were married yesterday.
Of course we do all if the 7 tips.... And i just realize that we are a happy couple πŸ’œ
He lets me sleep in in the morning, even though my kids don't!
Going on three years and he still never ceases to suprise me:) I think that's important as well. I love how in sync we are and not a single fight it's pure bliss:)
We've been together for half a year. We don't have each other's number. But we work in the same uni.
Ayshah Nabeelah
Snapchat* we have been together for over one and half year certain things didn't change he lies and covers up pitty things any reason why he does so?
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