Dating Games You Should Stop Playing in Your 20s ...


There's no reason to play dating games when they only bring you stress and unhappiness.

That's why it's time to put an end to it all.

Listen to Elite Daily and stop playing these ridiculous mind games:

1. Making up Excuses Instead of Saying You’re Just Not That into Him

Making up Excuses Instead of Saying You’re Just Not That into Him

The truth will set you free.

Men will be thankful for it.

Pretending You’re in the Best Relationship when You’re Not


Great article. Except #5. I believe in saving myself for marriage (:
Well said Sherylle. #5 IS nonsense. Sex IS intended for a married couple. Respectfully jennabenna and shannon, a person who does whatever they desire is someone who lacks self discipline. That is how children act . . . Not an empowered adult. Ditto from Sherylle - God bless both of you. He desires something better for you. Respect yourselves and you will lead a much happier life.
@shannon @jennabenna God bless
Really??? This article stopped me at "GAMES" Won't read this article cuz wasting my time isn't something enjoyable. In total agreement with@Kirtay22
I used to love this app but lately it's been losing my respect.
@jennabenna well said :)
that's your opinion. empowered women may do whatever they desire. @sherylle
Sex is for married couple. What an article?? nonsense
I honestly never have done any of these. Never have and never will. This is childish bullshit if you ask me.
I would so stop the "waiting for his texts" even though that guy I'm into right now he is texting everyday but not much during the day lately but still I love it when a guy texts me first then I do. But I should just do it if I feel like talking to him too
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