5. 20s? No Kids Please

20s? No Kids Please
30s? You Want Kids!


Follow this and you will not find your dream guy in your twenties
Then my mental age is above 30...anyway ....i do agree...:p
I love this article! Sooo true! I'm 32
I dnt agree with this article. I dnt want a drinking buddy, I want a guy I can rely on who is mature n I definitely want to have kids before I hit 30. Plus I personally dislike having my relationship...
Funny, I don't want a drinking buddy, maybe someone to play games with who only has a glass instead ( between 20-25 right now).
I personally disagree, i think a lot of people want kids in their 20's and i sure do want someone serious with a future that's not just a drinking buddy.. But hey everybody is different
Why is the guy in the pic looks so familiar? Is he an actor or something?
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