7 Dating Obstacles and How You Can Overcome Them ...


Are you falling foul of one of the many dating obstacles? Sometimes we make poor decisions that prevent us from finding love. Or we may unknowingly sabotage our own efforts to find a partner that can make us happy. Here are some of the dating obstacles, and what you can do to overcome them …

1. Low Self-Esteem

One of the major dating obstacles is a lack of self-esteem. How are you going to interest potential partners if you don't value yourself? You also risk getting into a relationship that is unfulfilling - or even abusive. Start seeing yourself as someone who is worth being with. If you want a good partner you need to believe that you deserve to be treated well.



I'm very insecure but I have done a great job of hiding it, the only people that really know are my boyfriend and my best friends, and I find that he gets frustrated with me easily if I make a comment...
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