17 Dating "Red Flags" 🚩 That Aren't Always πŸ’― a Bad Thing πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ ...


You've heard all about the different red flags to look out for when dating.

However, some of them aren't exactly accurate.

It all depends on the situation at hand.

Here are a few red flags that aren't always a bad thing:

1. Your First Kiss Wasn’t Amazing

Your First Kiss Wasn’t Amazing

The majority of the time, first kisses are awkward.

You can't expect to feel a life changing spark right away.

Sometimes, the second kiss will be way better than the first.

You just have to stick around to find out.

He’s a Player


Who came up with this?...a cheater NEVER changes....
Mary kate
Second: if you're friends don't like him, then don't waste your time. Poorly written article. Definitely written by someone desperate and who is making excuses for their terrible boyfriend.
Mary kate
First off.... as they'll tell you in rehab. "Once an addict, always an addict". So if you're comparing a cheater to an addict than, once a cheater always a cheater.
I agree because jus like a drug addict can go rehab an quit drugs a player can change people do change
This article is amazing and to the point because I've experience all the things u mentioned in here and my rship is working !!xx
My guy has all of those 17 red flags I had hope until I read the post above πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ™πŸ»now I'm confused
And if a guy pressures you for sex, that's not a good sign! Dump him straight away! Because he *IS* using you! Trust your friends advice because they have your best interests at heart and want the best for you!
Worst advice EVER!! Don't follow this post girls! If a guy cheats or is a player, doesn't mean he will change just for you! And if he's overly jealous that's because of his own insecurities and is not normal!!
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