10 Dating Tips and Tricks to Master: Online Dating Safety, Getting Men to Call, Etc ...

Here is another list of dating tips that I hope you will find useful. To be honest, I found these helpful even though I'm already in a long-term relationship. Have fun bloghopping!
10 Online Dating Safety Tips Every Woman Needs to Know
@Betty Confidential
4 Things to Do When Saying Sorry
@Chiara Says
3 Steps to Writing a Killer Online Dating Profile
@How About We

Sexy Time: It’s Not Like in the Movies
@Love Twenty
4 Unexpected Relationship Skills Guaranteed To Improve Your Relationship
@Maneaters Blog
Strange Things That Men Find Attractive
@Brothers with No Game
Dos and Don'ts of Speed Dating

How Do You Get a Man to Call You?
@The Gloss
For Guys: 30 Ways to Make a Girl Smile
How to Know if A Guy Really Likes You

Got more dating tips for us? Drop us a line! Also, if you manage a dating/relationship blog and you want to swap links with us, let us know.

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