8 Dating Tips Every 20-Something Should Know ...


Dating Tips are everywhere right? Most of the time, dating tips center in on new relationships or even thirty-somethings, what about us in our twenties? Well ladies, I've got the low-down on the dating tips that every twenty-something woman should know! Everything from where to meet a man all the way to getting what you want. So take a peek below at the top 7 dating tips for 20-somethings!

1. Don't Meet While Drunk

Ladies, if you're in your early twenties, you probably are a little more into drinking than someone that is older than you.

One of the biggest dating tips that I can pass along is: don't meet a guy while you're drunk.

It doesn't make a good impression and he could be turned off really quick.

Keep that in mind whenever you are out with your girlfriends!

Know What You Want


I had a really good sexual connection with this guy Im interested in. The only problem is, we’ve never officially been on a solo date. I’m not sure if I should ask him or wait for him to ask me. Do you have any advice? How did your relationship go with your boyfriend after you guys had sex?
I agree for the most part! The only exception is that I had sex with my boyfriend on the first date because the chemistry was just there. I don't think it's wrong, either, but it's not something I normally do. He was special. And honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship with him or anyone else, so I didn't even think about waiting. But we ended up having a big connection outside of the bed, and our relationship is great. I would advise against sleeping with a guy unless you really do feel that chemistry, though. It can just be awkward and have unfortunate consequences. And waiting isn't a BAD idea... I just don't think it's a MUST.
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