8 Dating Tips for a Single Mom ...


Just because you're a single mom, it doesn't mean that you can't date – there are tons of dating tips for a single mom out there, you've just got to find the ones that work for you!

Dating tips for single parents are hard to relate to sometimes, especially if your kids are a bit on the younger side and take a lot of your time and dedication, but you need time for yourself too.2

If you're thinking about dating and haven't taken the leap yet, take a look at my dating tips for a single mom below!

1. Don't Introduce a Man to the Kids until It's Serious

While most dating tips for a single mom always start out with knowing when you are ready, I think that the most important thing that you need to consider is the kids.

Just because you are with someone for a couple weeks, that doesn't mean your kid has to meet them.

Children get attached quickly and if you think that it might not work out, don't introduce them, wait until it is serious.

Put Your Kids First


Amy Briggs
I've been divorced 5 years. It's just dawned on me through talking to an ex-boyfriend that the three beautiful children I have are the likely reason that I'm forever single. It is infuriating me. So unfair!!
I am a single mother and had been divorced almost four years. I never thought I wanted to date again. I was happy being just me and my daughter. Then out of the blue a man who had known me and my daughter for years asked me out. I didn't have to explain anything to him...he already knew my situation. My daughter already knew him and liked him before we ever went out. Now we are dating and in addition to he and I going on dates he will make dates for the three of us as well.
I think the only difference while dating as a Mom is that your requirements change. My children are also my number one priority, and the type of Man I would've gone for prior to becoming a mother has Definately change, because if my kids. I won't take any risks, and I have only introduced one guy I have dated to them since splitting with their father 6 years ago...I still have faith in love...and a lot more patience, which is a good thing I think 😊
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