9 Dating Tips for Geeks ...


Learning about all of the different dating tips for geeks is never easy!

I am a geek, nerd and freak at heart and it was so hard to find someone that was into everything that I was into.

If you're a geek, a freak and a nerd at heart too, why not take a look at my dating tips for geeks that really work!

Trust me on this!

1. Find Your Niche

This is one of the dating tips for geeks that I think that we can all benefit from – finding our niche!

I absolutely love video games.

All kinds of them!

That's my niche and to find a guy or a girl that likes the same ones that I do?

It's hard, but so, so worth it!

That should be the first step when you are trying to find someone to date!

Have a Strong Foundation
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