5. Don't Be Scared to Be Different

Never be scared to be different either, girls and boys! This is what sets you and your partner apart from everyone else! Just because you are a little weird, a little different, doesn't make you bad. In fact, it makes you beautiful and unique!

Do a Lot of Talking


My boyfriend loves it when I geek out about Star Trek or Doctor Who. I can only imagine his reaction towards these tips :)
Rachel Ruth
I agree with these tips. My boyfriend and I are the biggest geeks, so I would know. (;
Heather Jensen
Oh! That's a good one! :)
Ashley Seibert
Someone should write an article about geeks dating jocks.
Lyndsie Robinson
That is so adorable that you met on YouTube! Heather and I used to play games together, WHILE talking on the phone and messing around on AIM -- those things really do help in LDRs!
Lyndsie Robinson
Haha, that's how I felt when I first met Heather! :D
Geeks are the best! But its hard to deal with them :/
I just love this post! My boyfriend and I are total geeks and we met on YouTube because we both make video game walkthroughs. We've been in a long-distance relationship for 2.5 years and 2-3 times a w...
I am such a geek. Thanks for these tips!!
Alyssa Muldrew
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