7 Daydreams Every Girl Has Had about Her Crush ...


Donโ€™t be embarrassed, because there are daydreams every girl has had about her crush. Whether youโ€™re daydreaming in class or resting in bed, itโ€™s natural for your mind to wander toward the person you like. Instead of fretting about the future, itโ€™s much more fun to think about the good things that could happen. Even if the scenarios in your head are highly unlikely to happen, donโ€™t feel silly for having them, because theyโ€™re daydreams every girl has had.

1. Impromptu Kisses

Thereโ€™s no reason for your crush to rise from his seat, walk over, and kiss you without saying a word, but youโ€™d love for it to happen. It doesnโ€™t have to make sense in your head, so long as it makes you happy. Being kissed by your crush is one of the daydreams every girl has had. I mean, whatโ€™s better than the thought of putting your lips against his? Even though youโ€™ve never spoken to him, you like to think that it could happen.

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LOL!! 7 is fuuuuunny.......
Abby Sanchez
@Marwa I hate when my crush is shy because I'm a little shy too!
Hanim Yusof
i dream of cooking dinner for him while waiting for him to come home... aahhh.. this picture in my head... hehehe
La Tremenda Aurora Jepe
Haha so true lol... maybe someday 😍
I wish my days dreams came true.😊
Ya Tan
Might just come true , you never know
Tasnima Cherry
Laura V
Lol I need to go to Disneyland to have these daydreams! Because it's where "all dreams come true"😄
You also forgot the x-rated day dream
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