7 Definite Signs That You're in Love ...


If you’ve been walking around grinning like a besotted fool and generally being happy with life and everyone around you, then maybe you’d like to stop for a second and wonder if these are signs that you’re in love?

When you’re in love, there isn’t going to be a flashing neon sign over your head, you know.2

Cupid won’t descend on a fluffy cloud and poke you with a heart shaped arrow.

All you need is to watch out for the little things you do or think about every day and know that these are the signs that you’re in love.

So read on and maybe today will be the day you know!

1. You Can’t Stop Thinking about Him

It’s really very simple.

One of the first definitive signs that you’re in love is that you’re always thinking about him.

As you sip your morning coffee, when you’re on your way to class or work and even when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, you’ll be thinking about him.

You’ll find yourself in the middle of the day, smiling away because you thought of something he said to you or that cute smile he gives you when you meet him.

Thinking about him makes you happy and if that’s not love, I’m not sure what is!

You Want to Spend All Your Time with Him


Isabella Coles
@Rhivenn you're right, this is a basic list but there is a lot more to it than you think! Although even after nearly 4 years, I think I still go through little honeymoon periods :P
spot on im lik this
This is so me😍😍lol
Okay, is it just me or is there anyone else out there that thought every girl "plans a future" with any guy who makes her feel special?! Or am I the only one who noticed that there's a difference between long term goals, and an illusion?
Kaley Thompson
I fall to hard lol,let's just say falling for your step brother's ''best friend'' is a horrible felling.😂
These are all things that are known as the "Honeymoon Period" in almost every relationship, I don't believe these things mean you are in love with someone. Love is more than this, it's having trust and faith in someone. It's communicating with someone without speaking. It's finding someone to challenge you and keep you on your toes without it annoying you. You don't see eye to eye on everything but you're on the same page when it really matters. You have separate identities but face the world as one.
So, I'm in love then ;3;
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