🍝Did You Know That Eating Together Strengthens Your Relationship?🍝 ...


You watch your weight.

You count calories and eat healthy and stay slim and trim.

Maybe your partner is the same (you at least hope he is).

But what about the way food affects your relationship?

It goes beyond the struggle you have deciding which restaurant to eat at or which takeout service to call.2

Did you know eating together can actually enhance and strengthen your relationship?

Not convinced?

Read on ….

1. Interaction


Some of the best and most natural conversations between a couple can occur during dinner time when you are both tucking in to a delicious meal.

2. Connection


There is something really special and personal about sharing a truly great meal, especially if you've prepared it from scratch.

It creates a really intimate connection.

3. Same Schedule

Same Schedule

Making the effort to eat dinner together every night helps in more ways than just satisfying hunger.

It also means that you will be on the same time schedule and will always be able to share precious hours in the day.2

4. Art of Sharing

Art of Sharing

Eating together every evening helps you both to learn the fine and important art of sharing.

You can take a little off of his plate if he can take a little off yours;

it’s all about compromise at the end of the day!

5. Teamwork


Get through preparing a whole meal together and you know you have a good sense of collaboration.

6. Agreement


With so many different nationalities and styles to choose from, if you and your partner can actually manage to decide on the same restaurant, then you can pretty much agree on anything!

7. Shared Indulgence and Shared Diet

Shared Indulgence and Shared Diet

If you eat together, it means that you splurge together as well as diet together when it’s time to cut back on some luxuries.

No Food Shaming
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