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Want to know the major differences between men and women?2

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Here’s the thing, Men and Women are a very different breed when it comes to certain things.

I could probably write a large plethora of facts that differentiate us as human beings, but for this article, I’ll cap it off at the 10 major differences between men and women.

Granted, keep in mind, this info doesn’t apply to everyone, but from my experience, I am basing this on a large variety of people I know.

1. Women Expect You to Read Their Minds and Men Expect Women to Tell Them What They Want

One of the best descriptions of this I have ever heard was, “women expect you to know they are thirsty and to bring them water without asking, when men are waiting for a woman to tell us she’s dehydrated”.

There’s this miscommunication and misunderstanding that happens between men and women because expectations are off.

Now, I am not one to condone this catastrophic behavior, but have been known to definitely be one to play this card in my day.

Guys, I realize we don’t make things easy on you.

But throw us a bone, as we have no idea what you’re thinking a lot of the time.

Ladies, be more open with guys so they understand what you actually want or need.

They can’t read your minds, so don’t expect them too.

The last thing you need to do is get mad at a guy for not understanding what you want.

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