5. Biting Kiss

Biting Kiss

When you're about to pull away from a kiss, gently bite your partner's lip.

Just make sure that you don't get too rough, and end up hurting them.

Nothing will ruin a kiss more than an injured mouth--or even worse, a bloody one.

Teasing Kiss


For some reason I can only see 1..... :( How do I see the other suggestions?
I think l'll do the teasing kiss number 6
Isabella Coles
haha the spiderman kiss is a winner, it just happened the other day while i was lying in bed πŸ˜…
Very interesting!
Chaimae Janah
it's wired to talk about it .
just kiss and don't over think this..
All kisses from me say "bring me your tits, NOW" 😘😏
Edna Hrynkiewicz
My fav is #5. :)
Nav Lotay
French it is ! But boy with passion and aggression just does it for me !! 😉
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