6. Teasing Kiss

Teasing Kiss

Kiss your partner a bit, and then pull away.

It'll leave them wanting more, so they'll go in to kiss you again.

When they do this, playfully keep yourself out of their reach.

Just make sure that they realize you're joking around, because you wouldn't want them to mistakenly think you want nothing more to do with them.

Butterfly Kiss


I think l'll do the teasing kiss number 6
Isabella Coles
haha the spiderman kiss is a winner, it just happened the other day while i was lying in bed ๐Ÿ˜…
Very interesting!
Chaimae Janah
it's wired to talk about it .
just kiss and don't over think this..
All kisses from me say "bring me your tits, NOW" 😘😏
Edna Hrynkiewicz
My fav is #5. :)
Nav Lotay
French it is ! But boy with passion and aggression just does it for me !! 😉
Aggressive kissed repeatedly in one spot before they run away haha
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