17 Disconcertingly Positive Signs Your Ex is Definitely over You ...


The signs your ex is over you can be hard to accept, especially if you're still in love with him or her.

Sometimes, broken relationships can get healed … but other times you just have to give up the ghost.

It can be hard, but that's why you need to pay attention to all the signs your ex is over you.

You don't want to keep trying if he clearly doesn't want to get back with you.

There are a number of rather disconcertingly positive signs your ex is definitely over you – and here they are.

1. A New Number

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One of the surest signs your ex is over you is if he changes his number – and doesn't say a word about it or let you in on the new digits.

It may mean that he doesn't want to be readily available to you any longer.

In this case an ex is generally trying to make a new start.

2. A Change of Location


Ditto with this choice.

It doesn't mean your ex is moving, but he or she might start hanging out at different places.

For example, if the two of you made a point of hanging out a certain bar or restaurant, he might start looking for a new hangout.

3. Less Texting


It's not uncommon for you two to keep texting each other when you've just broken up.2

If your ex starts sending fewer messages, it may mean he's ready to move on.

If that's the case, inundating him with messages is a bad move.

4. No Emails


Similarly, if he used to send cute emails, jokes, forwards, or just chatty notes and they start to taper off, that's one of the signs your ex is over you.

Again, it suggests he's ready to move on.

Keeping in close contact might bring up too many memories, or he might just be trying to phase out of your life – and to phase you out of his.

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