5. That You Need Help

Your boyfriend knows you're not perfect. If you can't figure out a math problem or can't find the toilet paper in his bathroom, feel free to ask him about it. He's not going to think you're stupid. He'll be happy that you need his help.

That You're Upset


I tell my bf all of this.
Ritchie V
Lucky alka, I was in Bell air a while ago, love Cali
Ritchie V
@ alka ok :-)
My man calls point #2 being in season lol.. He knows before I do when I'm due lol.
Very useful advises ))
@Ritchie it is slang I'm from Califonia
Reema Ahmed
true πŸ‘πŸ»
Ritchie V
Man not Boy
Very important to be honest with your boy
I love how you ended point number two lol
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