3. Use Lighting

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Use lighting to look more attractive. What? Don’t turn on me just yet ladies, it’s not what you think! You won’t have to do anything, or at least, not consciously. Dimly lit places dilate your eye pupils, the black centers of your eyes that automatically open and close with change in lighting. Studies show that men rated women in pictures more attractive when their eyes were dilated in the picture than when they weren’t. If you are going out on that romantic date, choose a place with dim lighting to appear even more attractive!

Mirror His Actions


So this guy is always smiling at me and says hi, uses my name, and looks for ways to talk to me. Does it unowned like he likes me?
Kaitlin Baxley
Because I'm a lefty I always prefer to be on the left, so no matter who it is I am always on their left!!! It just feels weird not to be
Going to stick to the left ear and side..
My brother says this stuff doesn't work...
I just love this article!
that picture is from an American eagle ad haha
Definitely loved these tips! Will try my best to keep this is mind on my next date. 😊
@Laurel Sneed don't forget to stare creepily smiling in his eyes, and cock your head to the left, you'll win him right over 😁
Laurel Sneed
So meet on a bright and shiny day, but make sure your pupils are dilated. Got it. Makes perfect sense
these were so interesting! I'll have to try them :D personally I disagree with the last one. I hate sunny days while rainy weather instantly makes me happy lol
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