4. Mirror His Actions

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There is a study that mimicking someone’s gestures can increase that person’s interest in you.

Mirroring is a natural phenomenon that happens between lovers and friends alike, but purposely mirroring someone can have a subconscious effect.

This doesn’t mean you should copy every thing he does, but maybe it’s worth a try crossing your arms when he does, or sipping your drink when he does.

Walk to His Left


@Nicole I know what you r feeling, if he said that then try to forget him. Don;t alk to him don't txt him anymore, delete old convs just remove all the things that remind you of him. When u love sm1 very much ull hink he loves u too. If u cnt forget him anymore then tell him simply: I love u. He will nt hurt u. If he did then he doesn't deserve u. Gd luck aywy :)
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