9 Easy Ways to Ask a Guy out ...


How to Ask a Guy Out? Do any of you ladies know? It took me a really long time to finally get up the courage to ask a guy out and it totally worked out! Rejection is the fear right ladies? Well, below, I've got 9 surefire easy ways on how to ask a guy out so that you'll never get stuck again! I promise, learning how to ask a guy out isn't as hard as a lot of girls make it, you just have to have some courage!

1. Invite Him on a Group Date

I admit, it's really hard to learn how to ask a guy out, but if you invite him on a group date, what's the harm? Make it a mixture of his friends and yours. That way, nobody is left out and it won't be awkward. Who knows, maybe it'll be a great time for you to meet his friends!

Guy-Friendly Outings