7 Easy Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You ...


If you’ve spent one too many hours obsessing over his latest status update, here’s your crash course on ways to tell if a guy likes you. From flirty texts to quick glances in the hallways, these 7 tips will help you figure out whether he has a thing for you or has placed you in the friend zone. Get ready for a cheat sheet to the game of love!

1. He Catches Your Eye…then Quickly Looks Away

This is probably one of the oldest ways to tell if a guy likes you. If you notice him gazing dreamily in your direction (and his face goes beet red from embarrassment as soon as you catch him), he probably harbors a major crush on you –or is just really creepy (but it’s usually the former).

He Gets Really Nervous around You


Ginny McKenna
The first two ways are how to tell if a girl likes you, boys are different unless they're the super shy type
hi, i am a recent member here and i love this article so im asking for some advice. there is a really cute guy at my church that i like a lot but i dont know if he likes me. hes always teesing me just...
the boy i'm seeing stares at my face close up and touches my cheek when i'm sleeping. i caught him doing this several times. when i wake up he kisses me and smiles. i don't know if he likes me. he says he's too busy to have a gf...
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Nicole, welcome to All Women Stalk! I'd say he's interested, and he definitely thinks highly of you! Comparing you so favorably to another girl? Great sign!
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Claire, welcome to All Women Stalk and thanks for your comment! I don't necessarily think he's put you in the friend zone, because generally a guy will flat out say something like, "Awww, I love t...
Nicole Conboy
Hi well I have this guy friend and we have one class together but we are always talking, and if I ask him to do something he is like instantly on it. And we have been friends for two years so he will...
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