2. He Gets Really Nervous around You

A second key way to tell if a guy likes you is to study his body language when he’s around you. If he stutters and stammers while making crazed hand movements, he’s into you. Remember all of the adorable awkwardness between Gwen and Peter in “The Amazing Spider Man”? Well, we can’t promise he’s got awesome superpowers, but we’re almost positive he wants you as his leading lady.

His Friends Tease Him More than Usual


Heather Jensen
I can help! :)
Im actually in a tricky situation and I could really use some outside advice...
Heather Jensen
Hi Dacia! have you tried to flirt with him a little bit? Did he respond positively?
@heatherjensen i wrote thid on another blog, but i have a question on how to tell if a boy likes me, but he lives like in the same house as me....um im in like a freshman, and he is a grade below me....got any tips? please reply ASAP. thanks!
Not sure how long ago this was posted but I recently started a new job and there's this guy who works there who I have a crush on. We're both in college so we usually will talk about school, the job a...
Cradle Simon
@Cradle Simon, here's my story.. My boss is marrie but he got divorced abroad. He had a gf who is his former employee. They have a child now. We went abroad for a business trip. On our last day, we ...
Cradle Simon
Hi guys, I want to hear your opinions.
Heather Jensen
Hi Julie! I think that you need to text him -- I am sure that it is going to surprise him, but it'll also prove that you have balls and that you are able to go after what you want!
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