2. He Gets Really Nervous around You

A second key way to tell if a guy likes you is to study his body language when he’s around you.

If he stutters and stammers while making crazed hand movements, he’s into you.

Remember all of the adorable awkwardness between Gwen and Peter in “The Amazing Spider Man”?

Well, we can’t promise he’s got awesome superpowers, but we’re almost positive he wants you as his leading lady.

His Friends Tease Him More than Usual


danielle tinsley
@Heather Jensen, could you answer my question if you dont mind thanks
danielle tinsley
i like this guy and have no idea if he likes me he doesnt do half of the things you have mentioned well the 7things anyway he told me my hair was nice when i got it cut and he was the only guy to say because i work with him and he has looked at me before but it was weird it was like i had five heads but there was one other time he looked at me for a few minutes i felt like there was something there and also when im talking to him and were having a laugh he smiles and all but i think he is seeing someone now and im so confused because i thought he liked me just a wee bit i dont know what to do im so hurt and jealous im older than him but he isnt immature i dont want to get over him i want to know if he liked me at all and also he use to ignore me i would have to start the ball rolling and talk to him and i actually think he hates me because of looking at me like i had five heads and i requested him as a friend on facebook and he didnt add me but added other girls we work with and also he was talking to this girl i work with and when i came down he didnt talk i dont get him but have fallen hard for him
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