5. He Gives You Special Treatment

Another way to tell if a guy likes you is to compare the way he treats you with the way he treats the other ladies in his life. If he insists on driving you to tennis practice or compliments you even when youโ€™re in sweats, youโ€™re someone special. So donโ€™t be surprised when he leans in for a kiss!

He Turns into a Prankster


Clarissa L. Mucala
Their is this one Guy that I'm really into! I sometimes stare at him in class and at lunch. we were friends in 5th grade and we would joke around. And now sometimes I would catch him staring at me fro...
Angelica Grace
Hey guys! I met this guy at a political campaign rally about 2 1/2 months ago. We've been chatting it up online, and he's called me once. He lives in Portland, OR and I live in Chicago; he's told me h...
Heather Jensen
Hi Mackenzie! It sounds like you definitely need to find someone that is not in that entire mess. You don't ever want to reveal yourself to someone and then have them shoot you down -- and it seems ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Marissaaa, I'd say that because he has a girlfriend, you need to back off of him. I know that he says a lot of things to you, but truthfully, you don't want to start a relationship out of cheating.
@Mandi Lucas, ask him very nonchalantly :) that usually works
@casiey, yeah honey, save yourself from a mess and break up with the guy you kinda like... I would know I'm in the exact opposite situation
Like what should I tell him??
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