5. He Gives You Special Treatment

Another way to tell if a guy likes you is to compare the way he treats you with the way he treats the other ladies in his life.2

If he insists on driving you to tennis practice or compliments you even when you’re in sweats, you’re someone special.

So don’t be surprised when he leans in for a kiss!

He Turns into a Prankster


@Abby, You do have a tough situation!! My advice would be to talk to your crush more on Facebook or text him, that way he can get to know you better and like you even more, give your crush subtitle hints that you are interested in him but don't make it obvious, that way he will get the hints that u do like him and he would want to ask you out withouth being nervous. And I have no idea what do do about the person that has a crush on you that you don't like them back :/ hope this helps with you crush situation :)
Annie Phillips
Body language is important too
Ok um I have a little problem... In 8th grade there was this guy who I thought hated me but then we got a class together and all of the above apply. He always sat next to me, complimented me, and he was always a real jerk to everybody except me he was always super nice to me. He commented on my Facebook posts every time I posted something bout my crush (wich wasn't him) and if he ever saw me outside he'd always make a deal of it the next day. Now he hates me and hasn't talked to me since he found out I like someone else... This year, I'm worried the same exact thing is happening in science class except this time I hate him. I always thought he hated me too but he's always nice and plays little jokes and surprisingly I laugh every time. He thinks I'm over the guy I like but I'm not and I'm worried cause why would he ask? But he did ask. I would let myself like him too but there's just one problem.... He's best friends with the guy I like! >.< I do NOT want to go out with him but I'm worried he's gonna ask me out cause is not the shy type at all. Oh and the guy I like likes me too. So, basically, the guy I like likes me back but so does his friend who I hate and I don't want to break any of there hearts, I don't want this attraction he has for me to escalate. I just want to go out with the guy I like, who also just happens to go to another school. How do I make it so the first guy stops liking me and the guy I like makes an effort to find me and ask me out?
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