7 Eco-friendly Valentine's Day Gifts Your Man Will Love ...


Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you're looking for that perfect gift for your man, why not try showering him with eco-friendly Valentine's Day gifts this year?

A non-toxic, eco-friendly gift will have him gushing over your thoughtful, conscious gift-giving skills!

Here are 7 eco-friendly Valentine's Day Gifts your man will love.

1. Northwood Rings Bentwood Wooden Ring

Northwood Rings Bentwood Wooden Ring

Handcrafted in Nova Scotia by a husband and wife team, these wooden rings are masculine, beautiful and totally unique.

Plus, they're way more affordable than gold and they have a stunning earthy look!2

There are lots of styles to choose from, including ones with gold inlays, and an astonishing array of wood choices.

It's this uniqueness that earned these gorgeous rings the top spot on my list of eco-friendly Valentine's Day gifts.

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@katiekat, I'm sorry my piece bothered you so much! As NorthwoodRings mentioned, their process is very eco-friendly. As is the company who mass the cufflinks. Using salvaged, found, and recycled materials actually IS Eco-friendly. Neither company chops down trees to make their wares, rather they make use of wood be reusing it, effectively producing their products without harming the environment. But while I didn't use the term incorrectly, I should have clarified that in my feature. Thanks for your feedback!
Stephanie Deline
@Nancy Theophilou, You're right Nancy! I will remember that next time. thanks for your input!
@katiekat, Hi Katiekat, you're right - chopping down trees isn't eco-friendly. We make all of our rings from recycled wood products and we source all of our metals and stones from other artists with cast-off pieces too small for their work. If you'd like to know more I welcome a response.
Yeah, bc whats more "Eco friendly" than chopping down trees to make rings and cuff links. Please use the term correctly thanks
Nancy Theophilou
I wish there were prices to help us decide.
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