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Learning all of the ways to get over your crush isn't easy, nor is it timely. If you're having trouble getting over your crush, don't think that you are alone, girls. There are many times that getting over your crush can feel horrible and can make you regret ever liking someone. Just because your crush doesn't see you as girlfriend material doesn't mean that he doesn't see you as a friend. Below, I've got all of the ways to get past your crush that makes the pain easier to handle.

1. Realization

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The hardest part about getting over your crush is realizing that he doesn't like you the same way that you like him. The realization might be the first step, but it's the hardest step to take. While you may like the guy, while you may even love him, if he doesn't feel the same, you can't force it – no matter how much you try to.

Admit That You Have a Crush


April Rasberry
And, it\'s not like I can\'t see him, because we have college classes together. So, it\'s compulsory? And, my associates degree is more important to me than him, so I won\'t drop any classes over a guy. But, idk what to do.
April Rasberry
Okay, we\'ll there was this guy, and we \"talked\" for about a week, then I scared him off talking about a future relationship, and he started talking to another girl about maybe a week and a half lat...
Denise Cristobal
Hi Emma. Maybe he thinks you're just being flirtatious or playful so he acts the same way toward you. You might need to spell out your feelings for him.
Hey there :) i really need some advice for more mature women than me.So i'm 20 years old and i have a crush on one guy,and he is acting absolutely strange.Like he is nice to me when we talk,and when i...
Rachel Mueller
hey these are amazing! but also, what if you got many signs that he did like you a lot, but he also had a girlfriend! I'm still stuck in that rut and it's soo annoying! I just don't know how to get over that! -Thanks :)
Hi I think these tips are great! But they aren't working for me, and I can't seem to let go of the hope something may happen. My crush gets on my bus to school every morning and evening so I can't rem...
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