7 Emotions You Feel before You Fall in Love ...


Falling in love is something that all of us do in some way or another, and before you fall in love, there are tons of emotions that you are going to go through!

You might not understand some of the emotions that you feel before you fall in love, but they are beautiful feelings and you'll learn to know the patterns when you start to fall.

So, are you ready to dig down deep and figure out what emotions you are going to experience just before you fall in love for the first time, second time and last time?2

1. Butterflies

Falling in love is really something that is beautiful, but it can also be something that can be scary when you are going through it for the first time!

If you think you are falling in love, but have no idea what emotions you are going through, think about the butterflies.

Do you feel them every time you are with your crush?2

This is absolutely one of the signs you'll feel before you fall in love.

Watch out for it!

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