15 Erogenous Zones to Explore ...


Do you know what the erogenous zones are? An erogenous zone is a part of your body that creates erotic sensations when kissed, stroked or caressed (besides the obvious genital region!). That being said, these are perfect for use in the bedroom! Use these ten erogenous zones to tease and please your partner and see how he or she reacts!

1. Neck


I may be a bit biased here because I love my neck being touched, kissed, you name it, but this spot seems to be one of the most popular erogenous zones. When someone kisses my neck, I instantly melt. Even a light, warm breath can do the trick! Try this out on your partner or have your partner try it out on you! Make sure to observe how he or she reacts and make sure to cater to your partner's personal preference.



Stephanie Cascio
I'm so glad! ♥ Thank you for sharing and reading!
Alexis Nicole'
I love this article !!!! &#x 2764;&#x 2764;
Stephanie Cascio
Aww! Your comment warmed my heart! I'm so glad you enjoyed my article!
I have to agree with the palms! I never knew this until I got a hand massage 🙊
I love how you say him or her. Us gays aren't feeling left out anymore!
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