7 Essential Qualities to Look for in Your Future Husband ...


I’m no dating expert and sure don’t make it a routine to give out dating advice, with the exception of these basic qualities to look for in your future husband, which I think every girl should know.

Some of these are generic ideas, while others we may not think about as much.

I know I certainly didn’t listen to my mother’s advice on dating as a teenager, and I’m starting to rethink that decision!

No wonder my relationships didn’t last.

I didn’t know what to look for in a mate, or even a boyfriend.

Keep these 7 basic ideas as must-have qualities to look for in your future husband, so you don’t have to take as long to figure them out as I did.

If you’re on the dating hunt like me, be sure that your standards are set, but also give way for a little wiggle room outside of these qualities.

While no one is perfect, these ideas will at least give you a baseline of what to look for.

1. Commitment

One of the most obvious qualities to look for in your future husband is commitment.

No, I’m not just talking about in your relationship either.

Is he committed to honesty, to his relationships with friends and family, to his job, and to his word?

Does he help others and stick to promises he makes people?

Is he committed to showing up on time to your dates, to only dating you and to not act as if he’s not your mate when he’s away from you?

Commitment is as much of an attitude as it is an action.

Emotionally Stable


Seksi K
I think all of these things are bang on, however I would reword 'Financially Smart' to 'Financially Open'. It's up to both parties to be open about finances, but smarts aren't as common as you think. I am a financial advisor and I see couples everyday who are in happy marriages but may not have financial know how (that's why they come to me 😉). Great article though! I am fortunate enough to be with someone who is all of these things, including financially open.
Wish I read something like this a year ago. Nicely written 😃
I am so thankful that I have a man like this and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together! :)
Very well written! Simple and direct without sounding directional. Many women don't believe men like this exist, but they do and every woman deserves ones
Good read, hopefully helps me on way to find a nice fella 😊
Sadly some ppl realize this things when its too late .
Sandra G
I was always hoping to find a man that valued family. Luckily I found one!
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