Warning Labels ⚠️ Every Relationship πŸ’ Needs to Come with to Ssve Our Hearts πŸ’œ ...


Relationships should come with warning labels.

Even when you're in a great relationship, there are issues to contend with, and not every relationship is great.

It's not uncommon to start a relationship with your rose-colored glasses firmly in place.

The problem with that is that every issue then seems like THE issue, the last issue, the deal breaker.

A few well-placed relationship warning labels can alleviate that.

See, no relationship is perfect, but just because a relationship is imperfect, that doesn't mean it's doomed.

1. Warning: You WILL Question Why You're Together

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It happens to all of us – the answer to that question, though, that's the important thing.

Beware: Thoughts about Your Ex Will Creep in from Time to Time
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