Warning Labels ⚠️ Every Relationship 💏 Needs to Come with to Ssve Our Hearts 💜 ...


Relationships should come with warning labels.

Even when you're in a great relationship, there are issues to contend with, and not every relationship is great.

It's not uncommon to start a relationship with your rose-colored glasses firmly in place.

The problem with that is that every issue then seems like THE issue, the last issue, the deal breaker.

A few well-placed relationship warning labels can alleviate that.

See, no relationship is perfect, but just because a relationship is imperfect, that doesn't mean it's doomed.

1. Warning: You WILL Question Why You're Together

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It happens to all of us – the answer to that question, though, that's the important thing.

2. Beware: Thoughts about Your Ex Will Creep in from Time to Time

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It happens to all of us, too, but it's only a problem when you start comparing and/or discover that you're still completely hung up on your ex.

3. Caution: You Will Be Suspicious of Something Even if It's Unfounded

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Your partner will say or do something weird, you'll get a feeling, something will happen to make you suspicious – but is your partner trustworthy, is there any reason to really be suspicious?

4. Attention: Your Partner Will do Something That Annoys You


Maybe he picks his nose, maybe she never cleans the toothpaste out of the sink, or maybe it's your habit of chewing with your mouth open.

5. Red Alert: You Will Fight over Absolutely Nothing

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You will probably do this a lot.

6. Warning: You Won't Always Treat Each Other Fairly

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Usually when you're in the middle of a really dumb fight, if you wanna know.

7. Beware: You'll Keep Secrets Even Though You're in a Relationship

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Depending on the secret, of course, that's okay – everyone deserves to keep a few secrets.

8. Caution: You Will Discover Your Stubborn Side

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If you haven't already, that is, but you'll dig in your heels about something … and at some point, you'll get stubborn even though you're wrong, which is a fun day for everyone.

Attention: Sometimes You Will Rage for No Reason
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