3. He’s Uplifting, Not Abusive — and so Are You!

He’s Uplifting, Not Abusive — and so Are You!

When you’re in a good relationship, you’ll want to back your guy, highlight his strengths and fill in the gaps he might leave. He’ll do the same for you. What is a good relationship? One in which you build each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

There’s Real Chemistry


So, here's my problem. My boy and I have issues with 1, 2, and 6. But besides that, everything is great. I am always so excited to see him (we go to separate colleges) and love just being around him. ...
Sounds like you are wicked happy Samantha! Keep it up and good luck to you both!
Hey Homecoming! How was the dance? Were you able to hint at the kissing? Just lean in a little, flirt a bit and play coy, I promise he'll know what to do next. As far as knowing how to kiss? It c...
Aw you lucky girl! :) Here's wishing you both a lot of luck and love.
Ohhh Wow! I am in a relationship enriched with just all of the above lovely points and there is more to addd... I love him deeply and he loves me. We are soul mate,talk about just anything and make ot...
Hi! So here’s my situation: I was asked to homecoming by one of my good guy-friends as a date and I said yes because I kinda like him. Homecoming is this saturday. He’s picking me up and taking me...
Couldn't agree more Samantha! :) Good luck to you and your boy.
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