6. Neither of You Have Drama

Neither of You Have Drama

Itโ€™s almost impossible to have a good relationship if one or both of you are bringing drama into the relationship, or if you have a load of it outside of the relationship.

Before you can think about a good relationship, your own life has to be straightened out.

Itโ€™s true!

You Add to Each Otherโ€™s Happiness, Not Create It


Hi Princess Cupcake, Welcome to All Women Stalk. All I can say is if he knows how you feel, but hasn't done anything about it, chances are he doesn't feel the same way.I don't know how you can make him like you but maybe being a good friend over time, will change how he feels for you. Of course that may or may not happen and it'll require you to be very patient. Also, it may mean seeing him with other girls. Are you sure you have the heart for that? Maybe you're better off being friends? Take care hun and thanks for reading!
Princess Cupcake
Hi! I would really appreciate it if I got some advice! There's this guy I've known for the past 6 months and talking and been friends with for the past 4 months. I made it really obvious that I liked him and I thought he liked me too with the way he talked to me and acted around me and texted me with hearts and telling me that he had a sexual dream about me. I was so sure and my friend told me he's going to ask me to prom. (he's a senior and I'm a junior) But he ended up asking my friend cause she didn't have a date and he didn't want her to go alone. (he is a really nice guy) I got upset at my friend and him and I started moving as far away as I could from him emotionally and ignoring him. In the beginning he didn't care or it seemed and then later during the end of the year I would constantly catch him staring at me it seemed like he was sad. When the school year ended.. I talked to one of my teachers and told her about everything and she told me to ask him what happened. When I asked him about prom, he said he was sorry and he didn't want my friend to go alone cause it's her senior year. I told him it's not about prom but the fact that I really liked him and he said he knew. I told him thanks heart breaker and he was like no don't say that I really felt bad. Today I talked to him and he told me about how girls hate him but I think he was just joking. lol I told him he's really ignorant and he said "noo i just can't get the one I like and it kills me" and I asked about her and he said it's cause she's a freshmen and mormon so she's not the legal age and she can't date till she's 16. I told him to wait for her and if she really likes him that she'll wait too. The last thing he texted me was "3 years or more?" and I said yes she will if she really likes you. He didn't text back so I texted again asking if he was alright and he still hasn't responded. I'm a senior next year and he's starting college... I want help. I don't want him to be heart broken or force him to like me I just want him to like me though cause I've liked him for so long and even after everything I still care for him. And he knows it too. What should I do in this situation? Thank You =]
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