7. You Add to Each Other’s Happiness, Not Create It

You Add to Each Other’s Happiness, Not Create It

Let me say that again, in another way: if you’re not happy with your life, adding a man, no matter how wonderful he is, won’t help. You have to be happy in your life, and he has to be happy in his, or you won’t be able to help each other be happy.

You’re Enjoying the Moment, but Also Thinking of the Future


Princess Cupcake
Hi! I would really appreciate it if I got some advice! There's this guy I've known for the past 6 months and talking and been friends with for the past 4 months. I made it really obvious that I liked ...
If you don't feel right doing it. Then don't. Tell him that even though you guys have been going out for 7 months you just don't feel comfortable with that. And you don't just want to give in.
I think you should definetly text him, but don't be to clingy about it. If you guys haven't talked in 2 day send him a text or give him a call. If you guys haven't talked in 12 hours don't freak out.
Hey Anon! I'd definitely say that maybe you should text him or give him a call, maybe just to see if you can talk to him more. It sounds like he is really shy and he doesn't know what to do right no...
Hi, I need some help! So I met this great guy at a state wide music convention, and we really hit it off. I sent him a friend request on Facebook, and he messaged me his number, saying we should talk....
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