8 Fab Love Tips for when in High School ...


There are so many love tips for when in high school out there, it can be really hard to find the one that is going to work for your relationship.

Dating in high school is hard, right ladies?

Half of the time, you don't know what you are doing and even when you do search for love tips for when in high school, they end up being wrong!

So girls, I decided to pull together my top 8 love tips for when in high school that really work and that can really make your relationship last!

1. Keep Negativity Low

One of the biggest love tips for when in high school to follow is to keep the negativity low in your relationship.2

A lot of the times, in a relationship in high school, the negativity can flow pretty freely.

If you just keep it positive ladies and don't let anything get to you.

In high school, it's really hard to keep the negative feelings out, but if you can, your relationship can last a lot longer!

Be Respectful


Heather Jensen
Hey Katie! I think you just need to lay it all out for him. :) It's hard, but it'll be worth it.
Katie Stone
Hi heather! I really like this guy and he's a good friend of mine. He's a junior and I'm a freshman. He told me he liked me but then he friend zoned me and told me we couldn't date. I still haven't told him I like him because I'm to scared to. He keeps sending me mixed messages and I'm not sure how to approach it with him. Thanks!
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! Absolutely! I'd just be super subtle with him! Smile at him, eye contact, make sure that you use your body language!
Hi Heather :) I'm in grade 11 never had a real boyfriend so i don't really know what i'm doing, but there's a guy in my class i like and we get along really well. could you give me some advice on how to let him know that i'm interested without being too forward? i don't want to be aggressive because i know it would scare him off, but i really don't know how to be subtle. Thanks :)
Heather Jensen
I know, but sometimes you've got to listen to your heart. I think that you should listen to your boyfriend.
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