7 Fab Tips to Follow when Moving in with Your Long Distance Boyfriend ...


Moving in with long distance boyfriend tips are never easy to come by – and half of them aren't accurate!

If you're in a long distance relationship and you're finally closing that loop and are able to move in together, you've got to take a look at my 'moving in with long distance boyfriend tips' that will help you get through the first month!

After all, you don't want to hate him after a month of living together, right?

1. Know when You're Ready

The very first moving in with long distance boyfriend tip that we're going to talk about is knowing exactly when you are ready.

This can be really difficult actually, because while you might feel like you are ready some days, on other days you still like to have that independence, right?

Well girls, you've got to be 100% ready when you are taking your relationship to the next step, remember that!

2. Discuss It

Always, before you make any big changes, you've got to make sure that you are discussing it with your boyfriend!


Because that way you'll know if you are on the same page!

If he is hesitating and doesn't exactly know if he is ready, don't move.

It'll cause some tension and you don't want that at all!

3. Know Your Limits

You always want to know your limits when you are moving in with any boyfriend.

Are you going to move to where he is?

Are you planning on him moving to where you are?

There has to be a reason that you are long distance, so make sure that you discuss that before you actually take the step.

4. Pick out a Place Together

Ah, this is absolutely my favorite tip and it can be fun!2

Once you decide who is moving in with whom, it's time for you two to pick out a place that actually works for both of you!

Do you want something close to your school or his work?

Do you want something that is in a house or an apartment?

The possibilities are endless!

Define Boundaries
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