8 Fabulous Love Tips for a Gemini ...


All you Gemini's out there, have you ever wondered what love tips for a Gemini are really out there and really work?

While you might not believe in signs, there are certain love tips for a Gemini that you might want to pay attention to.

So girls, even if you don't believe in the signs, let's take a look at some of the greatest love tips for Gemini's!

1. No Long-Term Relationships Right off the Bat

Girls, one of the biggest love tips for a Gemini that most people don't understand is that they need relationships that are free and open and – short most of the time.

A long term relationship for a young Gemini is very difficult and can actually leave the Gemini feeling extremely unfulfilled.

So girls, it might be better to keep it short at first!

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My boyfriend is a gemini, he is very sweet and always knows how to make me feel special and loved, I am a cancer. Therefore I need reassurances in the relationships which he is always willing to give. His other half is angry and dangerous. He will drink and talk about wanting to fight someone, has even warned me not to come to close or I could get hurt. He has never hurt me, and with me being a cancer, I am a lover not a fighter. This always catches him off guard because he is so used to his exes fighting him (sometimes physically). He is amazing in bed, and always willing to please. Loves to discuss his feelings, and wants to do anything in his power to help me in my career and life. However, one thing he does that disagrees with his zodiac, is the fact that he likes to sit and discuss the future. He has more plans than I do (cancer being family oriented) about living together and marriage.
This is on point!!
I am Gemini and this is so so so true!! I hate clingy guys and guys set early on on commitment. I get bored easily in relationships and hate when fights are drawn out!
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