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All you Gemini's out there, have you ever wondered what love tips for a Gemini are really out there and really work? While you might not believe in signs, there are certain love tips for a Gemini that you might want to pay attention to. So girls, even if you don't believe in the signs, let's take a look at some of the greatest love tips for Gemini's!

1. No Long-Term Relationships Right off the Bat

Girls, one of the biggest love tips for a Gemini that most people don't understand is that they need relationships that are free and open and – short most of the time. A long term relationship for a young Gemini is very difficult and can actually leave the Gemini feeling extremely unfulfilled. So girls, it might be better to keep it short at first!

Spice It up


Heather Jensen
Anytime!! Thank you Mary for the insight on Gemini's!! That's awesome!
i love being a Gemini and i really am off the wall sometimes. and i can really be bipolar(i change my mood alot) so ya i guess i need someone to keep me on the ground and my head in the clouds! thanks for the great tip !!!!
@Olivia thank you so much! Wow you've dated many Cancerians.. indeed they are really introvert and it's hard to understand them, but I'm gonna give it a shot! @Heather.. unfortunately he doesn't know...
Heather Jensen
Hi Justeen! Definitely! These are for Gemini's, even guy Gemini's, but that doesn't mean that he is going to cut and run on your relationship because he gets bored, I'd say just keep it interesting,...
Justeen McQuaide
@Heather Hi Heather, so I'm not a Gemini myself..Im a Taurus, but my bf of almost a year is a Gemini..And in reading this, should I take all of these personality traits into consider since its for my bf?
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'd say just go out and do it! How does he act around you? Does he flirt with you?
Courtney Leanne
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Olivia Romao
@Kate Hi Kate, I have been going out with a cΓ’ncer for 5 years, they are quite dificult to figure out in the beginning- my actual one is a big introvert and gave me all the wrongs signs and I doubte...
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