3. No Promises

One of the greatest things about having casual sex is that there are no promises at all!

You don't have to promise not only your time, but also promise anything to him.

As long as the terms are clear, this is absolutely one of the best reasons to have casual sex!

Keep the Lines Clear


Well, look at it this way: Even when you're in a committed relationship, your partner might not be open to things you're willing to try. That can lead to disagreements and tension.
Okay. They aren't talking about being in multiple relationships. Obviously, if you're going to have sex, you're going to use protection therefore STDs won't be spread. Also, having casual sex isn't like throwing youself around. Like, I'm currently not in a relationship, but I do have casual sex with one of my close guy friends. It helps relieve stress and makes me more energetic. But I am in no way a "loose" woman.
Dennis Salandia
hola i am the real dennis , the persons who used my name is her husband , HR. he is a liar
Koala Korr
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Heather Jensen
Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for the comment! It means a lot coming from someone who has went through the casual sex and found out what they really want. It is fair to make someone wait -- it is about when you are ready and if they are a saint, they will wait for you. :)
Rachel Farrell
@jrd, no it's not wrong. For me, I did though I did practice with the not right guy, he taught me exactly why he wasn't the right guy without hurting me, physically or emotionally because I walked into the relationship knowing who he was, and I trusted him even though being in love was far from my mind. Would I do it again? No, way in hell. Heather's point is it can be a learning experience, for me I now know I want to wait, even if for me it takes me years to build up the physical trust to have sex with someone. We live in a world that considers a month a long time to wait before having sex with a new person, having casual sex with a friend taught me that I'm waiting for a saint who without resentment will build those aspects of trust with me. My unanswered question is asking someone to wait as long as I need fair?
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