3. No Promises

One of the greatest things about having casual sex is that there are no promises at all!

You don't have to promise not only your time, but also promise anything to him.

As long as the terms are clear, this is absolutely one of the best reasons to have casual sex!

Keep the Lines Clear


Maybe I am too conservative, but I don't dare to have the casual sex with somebody whom I don't know.
I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! ;)
Franca Franchi
All great reasons! The most interesting for me is #6!
I think that it does all depend on the person, casual sex doesn't work for everyone and having sex before marriage doesn't work for everyone. It all depends on your own believes and your own morals. Personally, I think that waiting until marriage is great -- if you can do it, but honestly, it's all your own opinion and how comfortable you feel. :) Thanks so much for sharing Anon!
That sounds great Anon! Thanks so much for sharing! :)
Not having sex before marrige is probably the stupidest thing ever. Like what if you don't get married are you just going to die a virgin so God won't hate you? And having sex with only one let person is ridiculous! What if they aren't good? Then you're screwed!
I am in my first casual sex relationship and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself! I know it won't last forever because its not meant to, but for now we are fulfilling each others need and I am experiencing amazing sex and I honestly couldn't be happier!
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