3. No Promises

One of the greatest things about having casual sex is that there are no promises at all! You don't have to promise not only your time, but also promise anything to him. As long as the terms are clear, this is absolutely one of the best reasons to have casual sex!

Keep the Lines Clear


@Cher, totally! I love my partner and while this lifestyle works for some people, I am pretty picky. :) Thanks for stopping by!
Agreed! Nobody in the world should be able to pressure you into sex. It's your decision.
Hi Anon! While that does work for some people, I do not agree that it works for everyone. It isn't about having loose morals, it is more about what works for a woman and what she wants to do. Peopl...
Hello JRD! Absolutely not! It's all based on your own believes and what works for you. That lifestyle doesn't work for everyone, I'm glad that it works for you though!
"And it’s like practice for the right guy that’s going to come along some day." Is there something wrong with waiting for the "right guy" and practicing with him?
@janessa*blue_22, Just say no! Dump him if he pressures you! There are so, so many guys in the world (fish in the sea). I know you think you love this guy, but you will find another guy if it doe...
@Janessa*blue_22, just tell him you are not ready for that. if he is pushy, then he is not right for you, and he is not respecting you. don't do something you will end up regretting when you are older.
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